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  1. I have a few comments from your star wats the last jedi review.

    . In almost every scene where there are x wings in a hangar they show them hooked up to fuel lines. And in the first movie ep.4 a new hope they say that there is no way that a tie fighter could be so far out from any planets because it’s a short range ship.

    . and note about when leigha was sucked into space.
    In actual space you wouldn’t die immediately from freezing to death you would first die from lack of oxygen. You would need to be in an un insulated place that does have oxygen to survive long enough to suffer the effects of freezing to death. In fact it would be more likely the she her lungs would explode from the suction of being sucked into space at such a high speed. So if she did have force powers And survived the suction she may have subconsciously used her powers while she was unconscious. And also as long as she wasn’t obliterated by shrapnel javing jer lungs explode/collapse she could survive for as long as she could hold her breath which is about 3 minutes. And even longer since she would have 7 minutes before she would have irreparable brain damage in the event that she was unconcious.

    Also kylo had been training for years not just a few months. Not only did he train for years with Luke but he also trained with snoke before he started the knights of Ren. Which the knights of Ren where the few remaining apprentices of Luke who’s lives he had spared to form the knights of Ren under the command of snoke.

    Just a side note I think snoke may be alive, he says in the throne room that he cannot be betrayed and that he was currently looking into the mind of kylo and sees that he will strike down his one true enemy. Similar to how Luke looked into the mind of kylo when he saw that he was already swayed by snoke and the dark side during the flashbacks. Also the fact that kylo says there is no way that Rey could connect her mind to kylo because she is untrained and it would kill her. Snoke admits he connected their minds. And at the end of the film after snoke is dead their minds connect again.

    Just a few friendly notes on your discussion.
    Love the show and can’t wait for the final act to this trilogy that will close out the skywalker saga.

    I hope you guys read this and let me know what you think even if you just wanna call me an idiot.

    Robert Alden Latham II

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